Intelligent Traffic Systems

Video Detection and Monitoring Solutions for Traffic Applications

FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is revolutionizing how traffic flows on roadways throughout the world. Our unique, field-proven solutions help keep vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles moving safely and smoothly.

ThermiCam V2X

The ThermiCam V2X is a thermal traffic sensor with integrated vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology. The FLIR V2X-enabled traffic sensor collects data on vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists based on thermal energy coming off the environment, and communicates this information to V2X-enabled vehicles or infrastructure. This information makes a wide range of V2X applications possible, including left turn assist, public transport priority and traffic signal preemption for emergency vehicles.

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Optimize traffic flows for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists

FLIR’s traffic sensors help you control traffic lights at intersections, so your urban traffic can flow smoothly. In addition, they help optimize traffic flows for pedestrians and bicyclists and improve their safety in busy traffic scenes.


Smart City Sensor

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Avoid Incidents & Traffic Jams on Roads, Highways, and Tunnels

FLIR’s incident detection solutions help save lives in tunnels and avoid secondary accidents, by detecting smoke, lost cargo, pedestrians and many other traffic events very fast. FLIR detection technology helps avoid incidents and traffic jams on highways. Early detection of road irregularities enables rescue teams to intervene fast and avoid secondary accidents.


Dual-vision camera for Automatic Incident Detection

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Avoid accidents & infrastructure damage

Accidents caused by fire or by the careless behavior of people can lead to delays as well as severe damage to rolling goods and rail infrastructure. Thermal imaging cameras can detect many of these incidents in time and therefore help public transportation operators take the appropriate measures.


Thermal fire sensor for rolling stock