Bring Hidden Building Issues to Light


Commercial & Residential Building Inspection with FLIR

Building envelope air leaks, moisture intrusion, and missing, damaged, or inadequate insulation, are all costly problems residential and commercial building owners face. A thermal imaging camera can help you quickly target the source of the problem while the right test meters can provide the data you need to help customers make informed decisions on repairs.

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See What’s Behind High Energy Costs

Non-destructive inspections with a thermal imaging camera can help isolate cold and warm air infiltration/exfiltration issues, so improvements can be made to tighten energy efficiency.

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Compact Thermal Camera

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Zero in on Moisture Buildup

Testing for moisture behind walls doesn’t have to require guesswork. A moisture meter with a thermal imager can guide you directly to the wet area and then provide the tools you need to assess the extent of the problem.

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Building Inspection System with Moisture Hygrometer & MSX® IR Camera

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Give Your Customers Better Insight

Professional reports go a long way towards helping your customers understand thermal inspections and the problems they uncover. The advanced analysis and decision-making support offered in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro includes a rich set of measurement tools, batch processing, the ability to pre-plan inspection routes, and customized report templates.

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FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

Analysis and Reporting Software

Find the FLIR Product That's Right for You

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FLIR Thermal Camera Matrix

Compare FLIR's entire lineup of thermal imaging cameras with this quick, handy guide


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