Innovative IR Lens Solutions for Thermal Imaging Applications

Teledyne FLIR offers numerous commercial-off-the-shelf mid-wave infrared (MWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) continuous zoom lens assemblies as well as custom development for programs with stringent environmental and performance requirements.

Designed to maximize camera performance, the infrared zoom lens assemblies provide the competitive advantages required in the field and market space for a wide range of defense and commercial applications. Leverage 40 years of US-based, full-rate infrared manufacturing experience with a low-risk supply-chain partner.

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World-Class Expertise

Formerly New England Optical Systems (NEOS), the world-class team provides reliable, high-performance systems and can also develop custom thermal imaging lens assemblies tailored to your needs.

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Thermal Integration Made Easy

From industry-standard interfaces to integration support tools, the technical service team is with you every step of the way to solve your challenges.


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Fabricated with Care

Highly skilled opticians, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and decades of experience produce reliable infrared zoom optics that are built to last.




Precision Infrared Optics for Defense & Commercial Applications

Fighter Jets in the Air

  • Airborne and Ground Intelligence Reconnaissance & Surveillance (ISR)
  • Remote Weapon Station
  • Light Armored Vehicles (LAV)
  • Soldier Systems
  • Border Surveillance
  • Infrared Scene Projection
  • Counter-UAV


Firefighter using a Thermal Imaging Camera

  • OEM Camera Lenses
  • Thermography
  • COTS Integrations
  • Aerospace and Astronomical
  • Search & Rescue
  • Navigation
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems
  • Perimeter Security

Pedestrian on Beach - Neutrino SX12 Ground ISR

Building Zoom Out - Neutrino SX8 Ground ISR

Perimeter Surveillance - Neutrino SX12 Ground ISR

Platform Habitat - Neutrino SX12 Ground ISR

Battle Field - Neutrino SX12 Ground ISR

Counter-UAS - Neutrino SX12 Ground SIR

Border Surveillance - Neutrino SX12 Ground ISR

Panning Down Coastline - Neutrino SX12 Ground ISR

Tower Zoom In - Neutrino SX8 Ground ISR

Tower Zoom Out - Neutrino SX8 Ground ISR



Technical Resources to Maximize Optical Performance 

12 Considerations for Thermal IR Camera Lens Selection

When developing a solution that requires a thermal imager, or infrared (IR) camera, engineers, procurement agents, and program managers must consider many factors. Application, waveband, minimum resolution, pixel size, protective housing, and ability to scale production are just a few. One element that will impact many of these decisions is the IR camera lens.

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Reduce Development Time by Two Years

This paper reviews the traditional challenges of MWIR imaging platform design and illustrates how leveraging a single solution provider can reduce time to market, complexity, and affordability while also improving size, weight, and performance (SWaP).

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How do You Overcome Infrared Lens Manufacturing Challenges?

This article provides insight to challenges and resolutions to manufacture modern MWIR optical zoom lens assemblies and highlights the value of standardizing manufacturing processes in all phases of development.

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