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Long-Range, Advanced Imaging Shipboard EO/IR System


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The SeaFLIR 380X-HD provides enhanced features for superior shipboard EO/IR capabilities, perfect for ultra-long range surveillance missions at sea. The single LRU system is easy to integrate, operating simply as a node on a network and requiring no additional junction boxes. Fully seaworthy and hardened for military vessels — and fixed-wing and helicopter operations — it can operate continuously in all conditions — even when there’s no airflow. The advanced image aiding features of the 380X reduce operator workload for faster and smarter decision support.

  • Superior Clarity and Detection

    Operators can see more details with de-scintillation filter, designed to remove atmosphere effects and obscurants that would otherwise reduce detection ability.

  • Multiple-Tile, All Payloads

    View all payloads at once, including external video input from another system in the air, on the water or ground with multi-tile management options.

  • New User Interface

    Icon-based menus provide a more modern and simpler way for the operator to interact with the system, expediting functionality.

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Export Restrictions

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