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HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System

SeaFLIR® 240

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The SeaFLIR 240 is the latest addition to the SeaFLIR family of maritime surveillance sensing technology. The system meets the operational requirements of commercial and defense markets, such as transportation, offshore oil and gas, and special operations and law enforcement. SeaFLIR 240 has best in class EO/IR imagery, including HD MWIR thermal camera, HD CMOS viable and low light camera options, a lightweight turret, superior image processing, and stabilization. The system also brings a new onscreen user interface (UI) that is customizable based on mission or operator preferences, minimizes distraction and eliminates clutter in the active screen. The system also offers optional laser range finder and laser pointer. All of this, and other mission critical capabilities, in an effort to help the warfighter or LE operator make decisions more quickly and efficiently.

  • Fast Install & Ease of Operation

    Compact & lightweight LRU with simplified cabling for quick installation, and easily customizable UI for easy operation.

  • Superior Recognition and Accuracy

    Best in class target recognition, tracking, and the built-in IMU delivers superior stabilized imagery and target location accuracy.

  • Advanced Performance to Reduce Workload

    Auto Focus & Auto Gain reduce operator workload, and image blending Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®) ensures crisp clear onscreen imagery.

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Export Restrictions

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SeaFLIR® 240