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Air and Ground Drone Surveillance Radar

Ranger® R20-3DX

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The new Ranger® R20-3DX detects micro UAS targets to 3 km and more, pedestrians up to 8 km out, and light vehicles up to 15 km out. Scan mode options include fixed sector and alternating sectors with an optional pan-tilt mount for a full 360°. For optimal performance, a 4-panel option is offered that can provide a 2-Hz refresh rate on a full 360 degree azimuth coverage. Fast 2-Hz refresh improves detection and tracking of micro drones. AI based automatic target classification greatly filters out unwanted targets and focuses on potential threats.

Air and Ground Drone Surveillance Radar


    Wide 40° beam elevation provides complete hemispherical detection of virtually every land and aerial target, including micro UAS. With the pan/tilt mount or the 4-panel option, it covers 360°.


    Mitigates bird false alarms and informs the operator if the target is a person, vehicle, UAS, bird, aircraft or unknown.


    Quickly detects one or up to 512 ground and airborne threats simultaneously while accurately displaying each target’s location and elevation – whether it’s alone or part of a drone swarm.

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Ranger® R20-3DX - Model: Ranger® R20-3DX

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