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Detection and Tracking Software Framework for Automotive Perception System Development

Prism™ AI - Auto

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Prism AI - Auto is a software framework that provides classification, object detection, and object tracking enabling perception engineers to quickly start integrating thermal cameras for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) systems. Developers can use Prism AI as the primary perception software or as reference while taking advantage of camera calibration tools, along with visible-and-thermal fusion and advanced image processing capabilities that offer superior perception capability, especially for pedestrian and animal detection.

Compatible with Teledyne FLIR market-leading thermal cameras including Boson®, Tau® 2, and the FLIR ADK, Prism AI features camera-to-ECU authentication, a key requirement for automotive production deployment. Prism AI tools provide simplified data integration with Teledyne FLIR Conservator™ dataset development software as well as the industry’s largest thermal-and-visible training dataset. The combination of validated models with successful performance in NCAP-based automatic emergency braking (AEB) tests, AI tools, ONNX model plugins, and annotation services decreases development cost and shortens time to market for a thermal-enabled ADAS or AV systems.

  • Immediately start evaluating thermal sensor detection capabilities

    Reference software delivers baseline performance and lowers investment for thermal-camera-enabled perception testing

  • Leverage Teledyne FLIR perception ecosystem to shorten time to market

    Suite of development tools provide an open, “white-box” foundation for ADAS perception software with thermal infrared capability

  • Built for developers with the Teledyne FLIR brand promise

    Trusted global leader in thermal infrared sensing and solutions in automotive

Build Safer, Smarter Cars with Thermal Cameras

Build Safer, Smarter Cars with Thermal Cameras

Create the next generation of safer advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles using cost-effective Teledyne FLIR thermal cameras.

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Software Features
Camera to ECU key handshake with 256-bit challenge/response
Camera Interface
Cross Modality Image Registration
Automatic alignment of thermal and EO to compensate for parallax and time sync differences
Blind and semi blind (motion known) methods supported to restore MTF (thermal video)
Radial and tangential lens dewarping
Haze Penetration
Locally adaptive compesnation for atmosperic dispertion (thermal)
Imaging Blending
Multi-spectrum blended image for display that automatically adjusts blending factor for day and night
Motion Compensated Temporal Noise Reduction
Advanced, mutiframe noise reduction (thermal video)
Multi-Object Tracker
Lightweight, signal-processing based tracker reduces false positives and maintains target lock between frames in the absence of detections. Image-plane and ground-plane configurations available.
Object Detector (CNN)
7 visible and thermal object detection categories: Person, car, large vehicle (bus, semi-truck, train, etc.), bicycle, motorcycle, traffic light, and large animal (deer, cow, horse)
Visible & thermal camera calibration process with pixel-accurate registration of visible & thermal
Sensor Fusion
Lightweight late-fusion implementation for object perception from thermal and color information from visible (brake lights, traffic lights, street signs)
Supported Hardware
Qualcomm: Snapdragon 8 gen 1 (RB5/QRB5165) & Snapdragon 8 gen 2 (QCS8550); NVIDIA: Jetson Xavier & Jetson Orin; Other Qualcomm and NVIDA HW on request
Thermal Image Processing
Automatic Gain Control (AGC), super-resolution, denoising, and sharpening
Tone Mapping
Global and locally adaptive methods supported, optimized for highly dynamic scenes
Video Stabilization
Removal of high temporal frequency jitter (thermal and EO)
Media gallery
Deploying AI Object Detection, Target Tracking, and Computational Imaging on Embedded Processors
FLIR AVP Launch - The AI Advanced Video Processor for Enhanced Thermal Imaging | SPIE DCS 2024
Maximize Perception with Prism ISP and AI Tools for Enhanced Thermal Imaging | SPIE DCS 2024
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Export Restrictions

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Prism™ AI - Auto