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High Performance LWIR for Military Vehicles

MilSight® LIRC

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The MilSight LIRC is a compact, rugged thermal imager designed for high sightline stability and excellent imaging performance in tracked or wheeled armored vehicle applications. It uses a 640x480 LWIR QWIP detector coupled with highly advance STACE™ image processing for outstanding image quality in the most demanding situations.

  • Mid and Large Format QWIP

    All the benefits of longwave QWIP with crisp imagery in any climate and resistance to laser aggression weapons.

  • Dual FOV and Auto Focus

    Get fast situational awareness and long-range detection, approaching 10km on 2.3m targets. Auto focus maintains image sharpness, easing operator workload.

  • Rugged and Compact

    Designed for battlefield use and easy integration into vehicles and a variety of defense articles.

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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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MilSight® LIRC