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Near-Infrared VCSEL Illuminator


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The SABER-NIR illuminator provides high-power, near-infrared illumination for use with night vision and I2 imagers. With up to 499mW of adjustable NIR illumination, the SABER-NIR provides unsurpassed beam uniformity for the ultimate capability in feature resolution and target discrimination. Small and lightweight, the battery operated SABER-NIR can be rifle-mounted or handheld. With variable beam divergence and variable intensity from 10mW to 499mW, it can be used for both close quarter, long-range, and precision applications. The SABER-NIR provides a key tool for operators day or night.


    The SABER-NIR can be rifle-mounted or used as a handheld device, giving the operator more options in the field.


    With variable beam divergence, the SABER-NIR can be used across a variety of missions in both close-quarter applications and long-range.


    The SABER-NIR provides the operator with superior resolution and target discrimination in the field.

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Export Restrictions

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