Teledyne FLIR Adds Five Boson Radiometric Camera Models and Enhances Developer Graphical User Interface Software

New Thermal Camera Models and the Boson GUI 3.0 Provide More Flexibility and Development Support Features for Industrial, Commercial, and Defense Integrators

January 18, 2022 - The Teledyne FLIR radiometric Boson® thermal infrared camera module is now available in five additional configurations. The new models offer an 8°, 18°, 32°, 50°, or 95° horizontal field of view (FOV), are 640 x 512 resolution, and further enable development of next-generation thermal imaging products and systems. To streamline design and testing while minimizing development cost, developers can also leverage the new Boson GUI 3.0 and its key radiometric command capabilities with the Boson thermal camera module.

“The five new Boson models feature radiometric temperature measurement, meaning the cameras capture the temperature data of every pixel in every frame of a scene,” said Dan Walker, vice president, product management OEM, Teledyne FLIR. “Used in unmanned aerial systems, firefighting, automotive, security, surveillance, and industrial inspection products, these new models offer greater flexibility and options in supporting industrial, commercial, and defense integrators requiring high thermal image resolution within a small, lightweight, and low-power package.” 

The Boson GUI 3.0 provides the ability to quickly access and adjust radiometry settings, critical to high-speed integration cycles balancing schedule, cost, and performance. Optimizing radiometric parameters and using spot meters and regions of interest (ROI) with real-time statistics allow for optimization during development testing and tuning. Extensive isotherm controls, commonly used in products for industrial inspection and emergency response UAS missions, enable the GUI to highlight objects in the scene at temperatures of interest. Data fusion, an important capability for systems using complementary sensors such as visible cameras, can be explored using the Boson GUI 3.0 external sync capability.      

All Boson thermal camera modules feature FLIR infrared video processing architecture, noise reduction filters, and local-area contrast, utilizing a high sensitivity 12-micron pixel pitch detector that provides high-resolution thermal imaging in a small, lightweight, and low-power package. The image processing capabilities accommodate industry-standard communication interfaces, including visible CMOS and USB.

The new Teledyne FLIR Boson Radiometric camera core models are available globally through Teledyne FLIR and preferred distributors. The Boson GUI 3.0 is available for Windows 10 64-bit systems, while the predecessor Boson GUI 1.4.4, operating on 32-bit systems, remains available. For more information about Boson radiometric thermal camera modules, please visit

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