Meet the new FLIR METERLiNK® app

Connect up to seven compatible meters at once with the FLIR METERLiNK® app



edited-saved.jpg With the FLIR METERLiNK Bluetooth® app you can monitor a variety of electrical and environmental conditions simultaneously. METERLiNK allows you to safely capture images and monitor hazardous areas remotely and in real time. Whether you're connecting several FLIR clamp meters, digital multimeters, or any of the new METERLiNK app compatible meters, you will be able to keep tabs on key readings around your facility and easily share them with your team.

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Connect up to seven compatible FLIR test and measurement meters to simultaneously monitor electrical and environmental conditions with the FLIR METERLiNK app.




View trends in real time

The new METERLiNK app dashboard is configured for easy condition monitoring, showing both a graphical and numerical representation of measurement data in real time with min, max, and average reading displays.

An instantaneous data window opens when you tap any point on a measurement graph. You can also define alarm thresholds (high and low alarms). This provides additional assurance of operating ranges while performing testing procedures. Triggered alarms show on-screen messages with relevant readings and timestamps.


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Compare data from multiple meters

               The METERLiNK app also provides the ability to compare log files, allowing you to review and compare any combination of meters and data points. This functionality will enable you to effectively troubleshoot and compare logs.


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Create professional reports

When it comes to sharing insights, a key feature of the METERLiNK app is the ability to create detailed, custom, PDF reports. With the ability to add custom logos, additional notes and specific measurements, the METERLiNK app allows you to easily compile and share insights quickly and professionally. With the METERLiNK app, you can also add data log files, images, and short video clips in your reports.


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Easy-to-use and personalized features

The METERLiNK app includes dark/light display mode options, links that connect to the FLIR support site for fast troubleshooting, and automatic app updates. You can also enable text notifications for low battery, a disconnected meter, or alarm events for each connected meter.

The app is available for iOS® devices from the App Store® and Android™ devices from Google Play™.


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Compatible meters

The METERLiNK app was designed for seamless integration with many current METERLiNK compatible meters, all of which feature Bluetooth® connectivity. With the capability to capture data, display trends, set alarms, and create and send reports, you can easily gain deeper insights on equipment and building conditions. As our product line continues to expand, check back for the latest METERLiNK additions and look to see which new test and measurement tools are compatible.


*Current list of compatible METERLiNK meters is listed below. This list will continue to expand.



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