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InSb-Based Detector Dewar Cooler Assemblies

InSb-based detector dewar cooler assemblies (DDCAs) are available — in linear cryogenic cooler configurations — to qualified customers who accept the risks and support that are inherent with integrating a subassembly. The standard linear design uses a 1/3 Watt cooler. DDCAs are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and over a wide operating temperature range. Coolers are integrated with FLIR-designed hard-vacuum dewars offering a choice of apertures: f/2.5 or f/4.1. A 3-5 micron spectral range cold filter is incorporated into the dewar assembly. The dewar front window is germanium. A furnished connector provides the electrical interface to the DDCA. An interface description document is provided. Custom DDCA configurations are available, depending on end-user requirements and conditional on FLIR approval. Special build fees apply.

FLIR ISC1202 SWIR Packaged Sensor

Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Packaged Sensor

FLIR’s ISC1202 SWIR Packaged Sensor and broadened spectral range Vis-SWIR Packaged Sensor offer OEM customers a high performance InGaAs/VisGaAs sensor for integration into their specific platform. This VGA format sensor is designed for a variety of applications, including hyperspectral instrumentation, silicon inspection, electro-optical payloads, art restoration, counterfeit detection, and portable systems. The ISC1202 SWIR sensor provides outstanding image quality and performance over a wide range of imaging and light level conditions.

The ISC1202 InGaAs/VisGaAs will be discontinued on December 30, 2022. Support for the VPA configuration referenced above will continue through June 30, 2025.