Return or Repair OEM Cores and Pan-Tilts

To return an OEM core or pan-tilt product for repair, whether it is in or out of warranty, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and fill out an "RMA Request Form".
  2. Save your changes and attach the "RMA Request Form" in an email addressed to
  3. Within two business days, FLIR will reply via email with an RMA number and any other required shipping details for return.
  4. Write the issued RMA number on the form and on the outside of all shipping containers.
  5. Ship the product to FLIR following all advised shipping details and including a copy of the completed form in the shipping container.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any product returned to FLIR, whether or not it is under warranty, must use FLIR's RMA process. Please do not return any cameras or camera products to FLIR without an RMA number. Packages not clearly marked with the RMA# may be delayed in being received by Camera Repair and turned around promptly.