Why is my settings getting overwritten when I power on the camera?

From April 2012, a Nexus server will be installed in all FLIR A310f cameras delivered. This could be checked from camera web site by clicking System Information. Look for a section named Kits. If there is a line Optkitnexus, a Nexus server is installed.

The issue with the Nexus server when it runs in a FLIR A310f is that if it's used with another application than FLIR Sensors Manager, FLIR Sensors Manager may revert settings like Analyse and Alarms. The problem that occurs is that these settings will be overwritten by any settings held by the Nexus Server at a power on.

If this is a problem and the Nexus server/FSM is not used then you can disables/enables the Nexus server from the web interface.

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