How do I set it up my FLIR DNR400 or DNR500 network video recorder with the FLIR AX8 and A310?

Select the option to add cameras manually, then set up the camera as follows:

Channel: Select the channel on which you want the camera to be displayed

Protocol: Select "General"

URL Addr:

To add a FLIR A310: rtsp://ip-address/mpeg4
To add a FLIR AX8: rtsp://ip-address/avc or rtsp://ip-address/mpeg4

Username: Type "admin"

Password: Leave this blank

Decode Buffer: Select "Default"

Check the option "UDP" and click "OK"

The camera image should now be displayed.


IMPORTANT: FLIR A310 cameras can only be added with firmware version 5B.39.11. If your camera firmware is not up to date, contact FLIR Support for assistance.

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