How can I get my FLIR A310 camera to work with my Network Video Recorder (NVR)?

First make sure that your A310 camera is updated with the latest firmware.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the download page and download the file "MediaServer.exe", do not run the file on your computer, just download it.
  2. Start a Telnet session and connect to your camera by opening up the command prompt in Windows, then type "Telnet <IP of your A310>", according to the figure below.

    Press enter and you are now connected to the camera via Telnet. If you are unsure about your camera's IP address, use our software FLIR IP Config from the download page.
  3. Type rset .watchdog.enable false and press enter. 

  4. Type ps -k MediaServer and press enter.

  5. Start a FTP client, for example FileZilla and connect to the camera. Transfer the download file MediaServer.exe to the camera memory, put it in the folder \FlashFS\system
  6. Restart the camera.
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