Recalibration of stereo and spherical cameras

Teledyne stereo and spherical cameras rely on precise calibration to get accurate range data. This article details the circumstances under which a camera may need recalibration.

It is extremely rare for stereo and spherical cameras to come out of calibration. The camera lenses are locked in place, and the cameras undergo testing to ensure that small vibrations will not affect calibration. However, recalibration may sometimes be necessary in the following situations:

    • If the unit was exposed to a severe mechanical turbulence, such as dropping the camera or an impact with another object.
    • If the unit was exposed to extreme temperatures, which can cause the case to warp or shift.
    • If the system suddenly stops working correctly or a drastic change in camera behaviour is observed.

If you are concerned that your camera has come out of calibration, please contact our Technical Support team to start the RMA process to return to the factory for re-calibration.