How is gamma calculated and applied on GenICam cameras?

This article provides information on how gamma is implemented on GenICam cameras. For information on how to implement gamma on other cameras, see How is gamma calculated and applied?

The Gamma feature in Analog Control manages the gamma correction applied to pixel intensity. The equation used is P' = P^Gamma  where is the input value and P' is the pixel value after gamma correction. Note that the value for Gamma is defined as the power applied to the pixel value, and not the gamma of the display. If a display with a gamma of 2.0 is used, the image gamma can be set to 0.5 to compensate. For sRGB output, set Gamma to 0.4545 (1/2.2).

If linear output data is required, disable gamma by setting GammaEnable to 0.

Gamma and the Pixel Lookup Table (LUT) can both be used at once. Gamma is applied before the Pixel LUT.