Can I use a PCMCIA-ExpressCard adapter with my camera?

Last Revision Date: 6/3/2015

This article cautions against using a PCMCIA-ExpressCard adapter with our cameras. 


Some of our camera kits provide an ExpressCard for connecting your camera to a notebook computer. If your notebook computer does not have an ExpressCard slot, we recommend against using a PCMCIA-ExpressCard adapter to connect your camera. To date, we have found no such adapter that provides reliable results for establishing a connection, providing external power, or both. This issue may be a result of differences in bandwidth between the two interfaces, or other design considerations. The ExpressCard interface provides a maximum throughput of 2 gigabits per second, while the PCMCIA card can transmit slightly more than 1 gigabit per second.

If your notebook computer is equipped only with a PCMCIA card slot, we recommend connecting the camera directly to a PCMCIA card for the slot. Alternatively, connect to a notebook computer that has a built-in ExpressCard slot.

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