See the threat, react on time.

A mobile and wearable global event management system

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Reacting to Urban Security Threats

Facing today’s continuous security threats, the ability to change the outcome of an ongoing event is what makes a city safe. You need to see and react, in time.

Today's Solutions just don't cut it.

Cities must deploy smarter tools to manage different threats as they occur. Traditional video surveillance operations are great for investigations, but they lack the tools and coverage that can actually change the outcome of an occurring event.

Introducing FLIR TruWITNESS®

An innovative platform designed to identify, protect, and assist in situations of risk. In any scenario with first responders on the ground and a control center, TruWITNESS is a game changer.

How It Works

By utilizing smart mobile sensors and the power of the FLIR cloud, TruWITNESS changes the way security operations function. The unique TruWITNESS "neighbor aware" technology allows revolutionary real-time collaboration between first responders and the command center, leveraging all available assets in vicinity of the event.

Open to Collaboration

In addition, FLIR's United VMS open architecture allows TruWITNESS to be associated with other city-wide operations owned by different entities to create a unique multi-agency collaboration.


Our powerful VMS (Video Management System) allows you to leverage TruWITNESS IoT capabilities on the ground to gain a vantage point from multiple sources and angles and receive crucial forensics for post-event analysis.



A very versatile tool, not only a body worn camera, but can be used in mobile applications and for rapid deployment in emergency situations. Need live video now? This is your “go to” device for both mobile and stationary views.

Michael "Mack" Brutsche, Video Surveillance Manager, Atlantis Casino & Hotel

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FLIR’s TruWITNESS is the right tool for cities that wish to keep up, becoming smarter and safer, and ensuring day-to-day quality of life.

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