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Dual IR and EO Vehicle Situational Awareness Sensor

ThermoVision Dual Sensor (DS)

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The DS camera is a vehicle camera system composed of a thermal camera and a color TV camera. The color TV image can be fused/blended with the IR picture, which is very useful for situational awareness. The driver's vision version of the camera has a 55 or 90 degree field of view (FOV).

  • Uncooled Thermal Camera

    The ThermoVision DS provides a 640x480 uncooled LWIR imager for reliable, 24/7 vehicle vision.

  • Color Video Camera

    The color video camera has fields of view matched to the thermal camera for increased situational awareness.

  • Flexible Situational Awareness

    With two FOV options for the thermal camera, and IR/TV image blending, ThermoVision DS gives you the ultimate in vehicle situational awareness.

Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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ThermoVision Dual Sensor (DS)