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FLIR SUGV is a portable, single-person-lift robot with dexterous manipulation for dismounted and mobile operations. SUGV provides dismounted EOD technicians and other responders with a highly mobile robot that climbs stairs and manipulates objects. SUGV is carried and deployed from packs while on the move. The robot weighs about 30 lb (13 kg) with the manipulator and batteries installed. The SUGV manipulator lifts up to 22 lb (10 kg).

Supports Dismounted Operations

  • Portable and Rapidly Deployable

    Weighs about 30 lb (13.6 kg) with the manipulator and batteries installed.

  • Strong, Dexterous Manipulation

    The manipulator lifts up to 22 lb (10 kg) and rotates a continuous 360 degrees. Supports optional disrupters.

  • Powerful, Multi-Sensor Capability

    Four color cameras with zoom and illumination. Supports an optional fifth camera with thermal capability.

One Controller for Many Robots

One Controller for Many Robots

SUGV is controlled by the uPoint® Multi-Robot Control System, featuring a touchscreen-based ruggedized tablet that allows an operator to select from across the family of connected robots. The familiarity of this Android™-based controller results in a significantly reduced learning curve for robot operators. uPoint also benefits from superior wireless communications. The MPU5 radio operating on the Wave Relay® MANET, allows robots to penetrate deeper into complex structures and further downrange than ever before.

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Export Restrictions

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