Multi-spectral Surveillance System for Maritime Environments

SeaFLIR 230

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The SeaFLIR 230 is a member of the FLIR family of 9" gimballed turrets. Representing the latest in sensor technology, it condenses extremely high performance surveillance and targeting into a compact, low mass, and lightweight system. The SeaFLIR 230 provides a significant increase in maritime surveillance, is designed to cope with the most arduous marine environments, and sets a new benchmark in capability, versatility, and price.

Tailored for maritime operations

  • All-Weather, Sea-Ready

    Designed for 24/7/365 maritime duty, SeaFLIR 230 provides optimal situational awareness and mid-range surveillance for offshore and fast patrol vessels.

  • Stabilized for Mid-Range ISR

    Mil spec build and precision gyro-stabilization for all weather conditions, it provides superior performance over typical pan/tilt systems comparably priced.

  • Multi-Sensor System

    640x480 cooled MWIR camera with up to 18x continuous zoom and high-res 30x color/low-light camera, plus laser payload options.

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SeaFLIR 230