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Short-Range Perimeter Surveillance Radar

Ranger® R1

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The Ranger® R1 is a ground-based perimeter surveillance and tracking radar that accurately detects personnel and vehicles at a range of up to 700 m. It scans a full 360° every second, covering up to 1.5 square km (0.6 square miles). Additional units — such as a mid-range Ranger® R2 — can be networked in an overlapping array to protect larger areas, stitching together an impassable radar area outside and inside your perimeter.

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Ground-based radar for 24/7 security

  • Add Radars for Wider Coverage

    Network multiple units with the full range of radars and imagers to cover terrain profiles inside and outside perimeters.

  • Radar + FLIR Cameras

    The radar’s ability to detect intruders can cue pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to focus their strength on identifying and assessing threats.

  • Low False Alarm Rate

    Accuracy, ease of operation, and the lowest false alarm rate in the industry, separates FLIR Ranger radars from the competition.

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Ranger® R1