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Premium Multi-Sensor Marine Thermal Camera


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The FLIR M400’s advanced 640 x 480 sensor delivers stunning thermal video in total darkness and lowlight conditions. An HD Color visible camera with 30X zoom and a tight-beam LED spotlight augment target identification for added safety. The M400 offers a continuous optical thermal zoom lens (up to 4×) for seeing vessels and objects at greater distances. Active gyro-stabilization and radar tracking keep important targets in view at all times.

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The complete visual system for seeing targets at night.

  • Short and Long-Range Detection

    M400's thermal camera features a 4x optical zoom lens so targets remain in clear, crisp focus right up to maximum magnification.

  • Thermal and Visible-light Payloads

    Combination thermal sensor with up to 3X optical zoom and HD Color camera with 30X zoom.

  • Built for Harsh Conditions

    Rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure with automatic window heaters keeps image clear, while gyro-stabilization ensures steady viewing in heavy seas.

Enhanced Target Identification

Enhanced Target Identification

The FLIR M400 provides exceptional situational awareness in challenging conditions. Two color palettes InstAlert™ mode depicts the hottest object in shades of red and orange for easy identification, while IceAlert™ turns the coolest objects in a scene to shades of blue and green. Radar integration tells the M400 to follow specific radar targets, while active gyro-stabilization ensures a steady image.

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Thermal Camera
Image Processing
FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement
Optical Zoom
1× to 4×
Thermal Detector Type
640 × 480 VOx Microbolometer
Thermal E-Zoom
1× to 4×
Thermal Field of View
24° to 6° HFOV / 1.5° HFOV with e-zoom
Thermal Focal Length
26 mm (Wide) to 105 mm (Narrow)
Video Refresh Rate
<9 Hz or 30 Hz (NTSC and PAL)
Visible Camera
Lines of Resolution
Up to 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps
Minimum Illumination
0.1 lux (ICR off, slow shutter off, high sensitivity off) / 0.006 lux (ICR on, slow shutter off, high sensitivity off)
Visible Detector Type
1/2.8” Exmor R CMOS
Visible E-Zoom
Visible Field of View
Optical 63.7° x 35.8° WFOV to 2.3° x 1.29° NFOV
Visible Focal Length
129 mm to 4.3 mm
30× Optical Zoom
Spotlight Specifications
Type Lumens and Beam
LED, 580 Lumens, 5° Divergence Angle
System Specifications
Analog Video Connector Types
F-type BNC with BNC-to-RCA adapter included for video out
Analog Video Output
NTSC or PAL, 30 Hz or <9 Hz
Firefighter Mode
Gyro Stabilized
HD-SDI Lossless Video Output
Network Video Output
Four, Independent H.264 Network Video Streams
Pan-Tilt Adjustment Range
360° Continuous Pan, ±90° Tilt
Power Consumption
<50 W nominal; 130 W peak, 250 W 2/heaters
Automatic Window Defrost
Standard at Power-Up
IEC 60945
Lightning Protection
Operating Temperature Range
-13°F to +131°F (-25°C to +55°C)
Salt Mist
Sand & Dust Ingress
15 g vertical, 9 g horizontal
Storage Temperature Range
-56° F to + 176°F (-50°C to +80°C)
IEC 60945; MIL-STD-810E
Water Ingress
100 knot (115.2 mph)
Camera: 10.8” (273mm) x 15.7” (398mm) / Camera with Top-Down Riser: 12.8” (324mm) x 18.1” (459mm)
28 lbs (12.7 kg) (w/o top-down riser)
Range Performance
Detect a 30-foot Vessel
3.7nm (6850m)
Detect Human Sized Target
1.0nm (1800m)
NATO Target 2.3m x 2.3m at 50 Pct.
2.5nm (4720m)
Media gallery
FLIR M400 Multi Sensor Marine Thermal Night Vision FLIR Systems, Inc
FLIR M400 Sample Video
Keeping Canada's Ports Safe with FLIR M400 Thermal Night Vision
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Export Restrictions

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