Compact HD Thermal Camera


Model: FLIR A8580 InSb (1.5–5.0 µm), f/2.5
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FLIR A8580 MWIR cameras provide the crisp imagery, accurate temperature measurement, and streamlined analysis features needed for industrial, military, and manufacturing R&D applications. The 1.3 MP detector produces high definition thermal images, while the suite of manual and remote focus lenses allow users to maximize the number of measurement pixels on their target. Simple, single cable connectivity using Gigabit Ethernet or CoaXPress provides complete camera control plus data capturing in FLIR Research Studio software, so users can analyze and understand data faster than ever before.

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Feature-rich and easy to use

  • Advanced features for optimal flexibility

    Offers remote triggering, synchronization capabilities, and compatibility with a wide range of manual and remote focus lenses—including microscope lenses

  • Superior resolution and measurement accuracy

    HD resolution, precision focusing, and a built-in filter wheel for quickly switching to high temperature ranges help ensure you collect accurate, meaningful temperature data

  • Simplified analysis and sharing

    FLIR Research Studio’s simple Connect–View–Record–Analyze workflow helps you collect and analyze data quickly and collaborate with your team easily

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2x ¼"–20 tapped holes, 1x ⅜"–16 tapped hole, 4x 10-24 tapped holes
Dynamic Range
Optional Temperature Range
45°C to 600°C (ND1), 250°C to 2000°C (ND2), 500°C to 3000°C (ND3)
24 VDC (<50 W steady state)
1280 × 1024
Size [L x W x H ] w/o Lens
226 × 117 × 135 mm (8.9 × 4.6 × 5.3 in)
Standard Temperature Range
-20°C to 300°C (-4°F to 572°F)
Weight [without lens]
3.4 kg (8.5 lbs)
System Overview
Automatic, variable
Connections & Communications
Command and Control
GenICam (GigE, CXP), RS-232
Synchronization Modes
Sync In, Sync Out
Environmental & Approvals
Operating Temperature Range
-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F )
Imaging & Optical
Ambient Drift Compensation
Yes, with factory calibration
Available Lenses
Manual (broadband): 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm Motorized: TBA
Camera f-number
Close-up Lenses/Microscopes
Detector Type
FLIR indium antimonide (InSb)
Digital Data Protocol
Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision 2.0), CoaXPress
Frame Rate [Full Window]
Programmable; 0.0015 Hz to ~45 Hz (GigE), 60 Hz (CXP)
HD Video
Image Time Stamp
Lens Interface
FLIR FPO-M (4-tab bayonet, motorized)
Minimum Integration Time
480 ns to ~full frame
>99.5% (99.9% typical)
Selectable 8-bit
Pixel Clock
100 MHz
Readout Modes
Asynchronous integrate while read Asynchronous integrate then read
Spectral Range
1.5 – 5.0 µm
Subwindow Modes
Flexible windowing down to 32 × 4 (steps of 32 columns, 4 rows)
Video Modes
SDI: 720p@50/59.9, 1080p@25/29.9
Internal 4-position motorized filter wheel; factory installed filters
Sensor Cooling
Linear Sterling cooler
40 g, 11 msec ½ sine pulse / 4.3 g RMS random vibration, all 3 axes
±2°C (±1°C typical) below 100°C, ±2% of reading (±1% typical) above 100°C
Thermal Imaging
Motorized (compatible w/manual lenses, no BB motorized lenses available)
≤40 mK (≤30 mK typical)
Visible Camera
Manual, linear, plateau equalization, DDE
Detector Pitch
12 µm
Media Gallery
A8580 Unboxing
A8580 Unboxing
Connecting the FLIR A8580 to FLIR Research Studio
Connecting the FLIR A8580 to FLIR Research Studio
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Export Restrictions

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FLIR A8580 MWIR - Model: FLIR A8580 InSb (1.5–5.0 µm), f/2.5

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