Get Accurate Thermal Data Your Way


FLIR Axxx-Series

FLIR A-Series: Easy, Flexible, and Powerful Integrations

Detect and measure thermal issues across manufacturing and industrial processes so you can prevent break-downs and enable a safer, more productive work environment.

The A-Series thermal cameras are available in either Image Streaming or Smart Sensor configurations to solve your specific task, your way.




Smart Sensors for Industrial Condition Monitoring

The Smart Sensor configurations for Axx/Axxx/Axxxf provide on-camera analytics for immediate results using multiple customizable measurement tools and alarms.

Compatible with a wide range of industrial standards (REST API, MQTT, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP and ONVIF S), FLIR Smart Sensors adapt to your existing processes and worflows. 



Radiometric images can display temperature measurements for each pixel.

Set Your A-Series In Motion With Robotics Integration!

By leveraging easy-to-use REST API implementation with the A500/A700 Smart Sensors, we enable Spot® to conduct thermal condition monitoring inspections the way a human would.  

Use AutoWalk® to capture focused and accurate images using the right lens and measurement parameters; then, transfer data for further analysis and report generation according to your standard workflow. 

Perform safer and accurate autonomous inspections using Spot® and FLIR A-Series with FlexView™ Dual Field of View lens.



Radiometric Streaming

Radiometric images are thermal photos that contain temperature measurement data for each pixel within the frame.

The detectors in FLIR Axxx-Series Image Streaming cameras will register a 16-bit signal value in each pixel element to create a frame that is then streamed to a computer. This raw signal value can be converted to a temperature value in FLIR software based on the camera's calibration. When doing so, we also need to account for the emissivity and many other parameters; this is demonstrated in the Spinnaker SDK Python example linked further below.

Quality Monitoring Thermal Mix.png



Develop the Software You Need with FLIR Spinnaker SDK

FLIR Spinnaker SDK for Image Streaming Cameras is a free GigE Vision® compatible SDK that enables radiometric video streaming and provides camera control through the GenICam® interface. Cross platform development allows you to work in a Windows, MacOS, or Linux environment and to write your software in either C, C++, C#, VB, or Python.

The Spinnaker SDK is the best choice when non-FLIR cameras supporting GigE Vision need to be integrated into the complete solution.

Spinnaker SDK Info & Download 


Powerful Integrations with FLIR Atlas SDK

The FLIR Desktop Atlas SDK is a development kit that enables developers to create custom applications. Supported by help files and sample code, developers can add functionality and interface with supported FLIR products. The SDK supports communication, streaming and recording using Gigabit, RTSP and USB interfaces. It also gives developers full access to the radiometric data for individual pixels allowing full flexibility to deploy their own algorithms.

ATLAS SDK Info & Download