How FLIR Quasar™ Cameras Improve Facility and Site Monitoring

When it comes to surveillance systems, what matters most is achieving image clarity where humans, objects, and scene details are visible and defined. Image consistency in varying or poor lighting conditions is also critical. By using high-resolution, feature-rich video solutions like FLIR Quasar™ cameras, security directors substantially improve their facility monitoring, surveillance coverage, and video capture abilities.

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Known for their evidentiary-class video optimized for threat assessment and incident reporting, Quasar cameras are a part of the FLIR premier visible security camera line. They are available in a variety of form factors for maximum flexibility effectiveness. They are ideal for commercial, industrial, and critical infrastructure applications.

For facility and security directors looking to improve their surveillance effectiveness for enhanced safety and crime deterrence, consider deploying these FLIR Quasar cameras.

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Quasar Premium Mini-Dome and Quasar Premium Bullet Series

The newest additions to the full lineup of FLIR Quasar security cameras, these two premium offerings are designed for use in demanding indoor and outdoor environments to deliver forensic image quality, tight integration, and advanced cybersecurity features. The cameras provide the highest quality video surveillance in the Quasar family, with the Premium Mini-Dome available with 5MP HD or 4K Ultra-HD resolutions and the Premium Bullet with 4MP Quad HD and 4K Ultra-HD resolutions in a variety of lens options. The rugged Premium bullet is IK10 vandal-proof and IP67 rated and covers up to 60 meters of visibility via on-board near-infrared Illumination and features three-shutter WDR (130db). Both cameras have an SD-card for on-edge recording and redundancy, while also meeting the H.265 video compression standard. The new editions are National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)-compliant and include protection from log-in attacks, hardware and software authentication, and encrypted communication to help keep facilities safe from cyber threats.


Quasar 4K 22x and 31x IR PTZ

This high-performing pan-tilt-zoom camera is ideal for surveilling large outdoor areas and wide area coverage. With superior image quality, the camera streams 4K video resolution at 30 frames per second (fps) and features long-range infrared (IR) illumination to enable video recordings in low-light scenarios. The camera’s powerful 22x and 31x optical zoom options allows operators to hone in on specific objects or suspect faces for identification purposes. For improved bandwidth utilization and system performance, the camera features FLIR Multi-Stream Adaptive Streaming For simplified management, the camera offers a streamlined menu in its web interface and also uses HTML 5 for a more secure connection. As far as hardware, the camera includes a built-in lens wiper and optional washer to ensure clean lenses for remote or difficult to access industrial locations.

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Quasar 4K Fixed Box

This fixed camera is ideal for use cases that require long distance viewing such as casinos, tunnel entrances, and other transportation hubs. Its 4K resolution offers superior detail for forensic investigations and evidence. Using programmable schedules, this camera can switch from 4K UHD mode at 30 fps during the daytime to 1080p enhanced low-light performance mode at 60 fps at night. The camera also features Multi-Stream Adaptive Streaming to decrease bandwidth use for live and remote viewing. Another notable feature is that the camera enables privacy masking, which conceals a part of an image that may not be subject to surveillance such as windows of a domestic property. Additionally, the fixed box camera offers multiple specialized housings—from explosion to extreme weatherproof—as well as lens options, from super-wide to telephoto.


Quasar 4 x 2K Panoramic

This panoramic camera employs four HD sensors to yield 4K resolution and a wide field of view. Automatic stitching combines the four sensors into a single 180° or 360° view while also getting rid of blind spots and scene duplication. This configuration minimizes the number of cameras needed to achieve panoramic coverage, which reduces equipment and maintenance costs for security directors. This camera also offers true Day/Night mode with built-in IR. With its wide area surveillance, this camera is suitable for safe city, airports, public safety, and other critical infrastructure deployments.


Quasar Hemispheric Mini Dome

This camera provides an immersive, 360° forensic experience. Users can customize views and focus on certain angles of the scene using digital presets, all without affecting the original recording of the image. The camera also features bi-directional audio, enabling two-way communication between those on the ground and those in a command center for greater efficiency.

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