New Capabilities for Updated identiFINDER® R425 Now Available

Teledyne FLIR is excited to announce new capabilities for the identiFINDER® R425 next generation radionuclide identification device. The identiFINDER R425 offers 360-degree coverage for locating and measuring gamma and neutron radioactive sources.


The updated identiFINDER R425 features three key improvements on the original R425. We have added a higher resolution detector option, a higher dose rate capability, and improved ruggedness with a new, scratch resistant glass screen cover.


Higher Resolution Detector

The updated identiFINDER R425 offers a ruggedized LaBr detector option. This adds a higher resolution detector option which provides a better energy resolution capability.


Higher Dose Rate Capability

The higher dose rate capability is enabled by increasing the GM tube up to 1000 rem/h. In situations where other systems can become inoperable, the energy compensated GM tube is utilized to keep the instrument fully operational in extremely high gamma fields, up to 1000 rem/h should you need it.


Glass Screen Cover

We've increased the ruggedness of the updated identiFINDER R425 with a new, scratch-resistant glass screen cover. This will provide improved protection as well as screen visibility for the lifespan of the detector.


The updates to the identiFINDER R425 continue to improve on the latest generation of Teledyne FLIR's trusted handheld radiation detectors. The R425 continues to provide an ideal balance of size, weight, and performance for various missions including surveying, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.


To learn more and download the updated datasheet with new technical specifications, visit the updated identiFINDER R425 Product Page.


We will host a webinar in the near future to introduce and expand on the capabilities of this update.


For information on updating your current identiFINDER R425 with the updated capabilities and pricing for upgrades, please contact our support team at Support for CBRNE Detection | Teledyne FLIR or

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