FLIR Defense Technologies Media Roundtable

This virtual roundtable is a discussion on the technology and customer trends being driven by multidomain operations (MDO).

The talk features FLIR VP of Product Management-Sensors Troy Boonstra, VP of Global Business Development-Detection Dave Cullin, VP and General Manager of Unmanned Ground Systems & Integrated Solutions Tom Frost, and VP of Product Management for Unmanned Systems & Integrated Solutions David Proulx.

As a concept MDO — comprising land, air, sea, space and cyber — is evolving rapidly. Convergence across these domains is fundamentally changing military doctrine, how future battles will be fought, and how future adversaries are defeated.

As militaries pivot toward a more expeditionary fighting force, the defense sector is looking for solutions that integrate and expedite information from multiple sources while lightening the cognitive load. True solutions will help warfighters and commanders to act or make decisions faster, boosting mission success while also enhancing safety. Unmanned systems – on the ground, in the air, and at sea – combined with smart sensors will dramatically increase standoff and help put distance between “good people and bad things.”

Our expert discussion highlights new challenges and opportunities the defense industry faces in tackling MDO, as well as the programs and platforms FLIR is working on now to support customers across multidomain, multi-threat environments.

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