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EZ Cure II

Thermostatic Controlled Curing Box

The EZ Cure II is a low-cost, simple solution for curing concrete cylinders within 24 to 48 hours. Simply plug the unit into a 110 VAC power source, and the thermostatically controlled curing box automatically heats and cools as needed to maintain a constant 73°F curing environment. EZ Cure II provides an economical solution to meeting ASTM C31 curing requirements.

intelliCure Match

Concrete Cylinder Curing System

The established standard for concrete cylinder curing, the intelliCure family of products just got even better with the intelliCure Match curing system. Now you can monitor the curing of your critical concrete structures by replicating the real-time, in-place conditions that exist on your site. The specialized sensor transmits the actual temperature conditions of your pour to the intelliCure Match curing box, which matches the water temperature conditions precisely so your breaks will accurately represent what’s going on with your in-place concrete.

intelliCure Mega Curing Box

Large Concrete Cylinder Curing System

intelliCure Mega is a state-of-the-art curing box that can easily be handled by two people when empty. It provides an ideal, uniform curing environment for the entire curing cycle by heating and cooling under automatic control to maintain a preset temperature. The intelliCure Mega can hold 22 6x12 cylinders, or approximately 88 stacked 4x8 cylinders submerged in water. The curing box is specifically designed to comply with AASHTO and ASTM curing standards.

intelliCure Mini Curing Box

Small Concrete Cylinder Curing System

intelliCure Mini is a state-of-the-art curing box that can fit into most full-size pickup beds. It provides an ideal, uniform curing environment for the entire curing cycle by heating and cooling under automatic control to maintain a preset temperature. The intelliCure Mini can hold 11 6x12 cylinders, or approximately 25 4x8 cylinders submerged in water.

intelliCure Standard Curing Box

Concrete Cylinder Curing System

intelliCure Standard is the concrete industry’s state-of-the-art curing box, heating and cooling under automatic control to maintain a preset temperature. Capable of holding 17 6x12 cylinders or approximately 45 4x8 cylinders submerged in water, intelliCure can provide an ideal, uniform curing environment for the entire curing cycle of acceptance cylinders.

intelliRock Maturity Logger

Real-Time Concrete Strength Logger

Based on ASTM C 1074 "Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method," intelliRock Maturity Loggers analyze the time and temperature profile of in-place concrete to calculate the in-place strength of concrete in real-time - with the push of a button. Data reported by the intelliRock maturity loggers, along with a calibration graph generated from reference cylinders, gives a convenient measure of in-place concrete strength.

intelliRock Reader Kit

intelliRock System Hub

The intelliRock II Reader Kit is the hub of the intelliRock system. The Reader provides connectivity to loggers in the field so critical decisions can be made at the touch of a button. The user can easily activate loggers to start tracking key data points during concrete curing. The Reader allows the input of important notes, jobsite and location information specific to that logger and it allows the viewing of temperature and strength data already stored. Temperature and strength data can be viewed in both numerical and graphical formats. The user can download all critical data captured by the logger and transport it back to the PC for further analysis and distribution via the intelliRock software.

intelliRock Software

intelliRock Management & Reporting

Use intelliRock Software to automatically download logger data from your intelliRock II reader to your personal computer. Easily view graphs, generate and print reports, and import data into our free intelliRock spreadsheet.

intelliRock Temperature Logger

Concrete Curing Monitoring

Engius intelliRock Temperature Loggers can measure and document the temperature profiles and gradients of in-place concrete. Since a large number of sensors can be used with a single on-site reader, detailed temperature profiles can be easily and cost-effectively generated. Engius intelliRock's software tools also make temperature analysis and reporting a snap. The loggers are ideal for measuring and documenting temperatures in cold weather, mass pours, curing tanks, and moist rooms.

intelliRock Wireless

Wireless Concrete Curing Monitoring

The intelliRock wireless system allows you to connect intelliRock loggers (including maturity, temperature, humidity, and precast loggers) of any configuration to a wireless, remote radio box to access data directly from your computer. The wireless base station connects to your desktop or laptop and communicates with loggers up to 20 miles away. Download data from intelliRock loggers directly into intelliRock software, straight from concrete placement. Start, stop, download, or read loggers, and generate reports.

intelliRock® III

Concrete Strength & Temperature Profiling System

intelliRock® III is the easiest, most advanced solution for monitoring and reporting concrete strength and temperature. This wireless system allows users to review critical concrete data from anywhere via cloud based software, and is the only system available to retain secure uninterruptable, unalterable data. Complete projects within budget and on schedule with the help of tools such as multiple mix design access and a built-in thermal imaging camera for temperature measurement and heat profiling.

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