FLIR HRC Thermal Security CamerasFLIR HRC-MS Thermal Security Cameras


High-resolution, cooled (HRC) thermal security cameras provide TV-quality thermal video for long-range, 24/7 video security applications.

Using cooled InSb detectors sensitive to the MWIR waveband and with 640 × 480 resolution, these cameras can detect small targets from extreme ranges, making them the perfect solutions for applications with long perimeters – especially perimeters that can’t be physically secured – and in situations that need as much warning of potential intrusion as possible. That’s why FLIR’s cooled cameras are the systems of choice for border security, port and coastal security, and offshore security around the world.

Flexible enough to provide both wide area coverage and long-range, high magnification performance, HRC provides a continuous zoom thermal optical telescope with 12.5:1 zoom ratio and a variety of optical packages.

Security operators can field HRC thermal security cameras as portable, stand-alone thermal video cameras, multi-sensor surveillance suites with long-range video camera and laser rangefinder on a pan/tilt mechanism, or integrate multiple sensor systems into a long-range, day/night video security network.