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Troubleshoot HVAC/R with Affordable Thermal Imaging

If you work on HVAC/R systems, you need one simple tool to help you find problems quickly and show customers that you've fixed the problem. It's a FLIR infrared camera for HVAC/R.

These affordable systems start at less than $400 and offer the resolution, temperature measurement, and thermal sensitivity needed to troubleshoot any HVAC/R system. Once you've experienced the power of thermal imaging for yourself, you may wonder how you ever worked without it!

A FLIR imager is one of the most valuable tools available for a seasoned commercial HVAC Technician. Also, my FLIR E8 has operated flawlessly since purchasing and has helped find and explain many things with customers.
-Gregg Free, HVAC Repair Technician, UA Local 375 Plumbers and Pipefitters

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... It has been a valuable tool in helping us to identify thermal or electrical issues both quickly and efficiently. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.
-Kevin Vander Klay, Grumman/Butkus Associates

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FLIR has given us an increased ability to diagnose issues in industrial settings, steam traps, loose electrical connections, high temperatures on boilers and equipment.
-HVAC Repair Technician, Small Business Construction Company

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Why Invest in a FLIR?

Find problems faster

Whether it's an air leak, water leak, or electrical short, your FLIR will show you where to begin repairs.

Document issues and solutions

Thermal imagery provides your clients with proof that you've found the problem and repaired it properly.

Expand your business

Offering thermal inspections will give you that competitive edge and allow you to provide service faster and more efficiently.

The Top 5 Reasons HVAC/R Pros Need a Thermal Camera

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Performance Optimization Techniques for Rooftop
HVAC Equipment

Rooftop HVAC equipment plays a critical role in maintaining proper indoor air quality in most commercial buildings. The installation and condition of this equipment directly affects operating costs, equipment life expectancy, occupant comfort and building tenability. As such, optimizing equipment performance is a high priority for all building stakeholders.

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Inspecting Building Insulation, HVAC Systems and Refrigeration Units with Thermal Imaging

Building inspectors have been using FLIR thermal imaging cameras for energy audits for decades, but the investment cost prevented many building and installation companies from buying one. In recent years increasingly affordable models have entered the market. One of the building professionals that leaped at the opportunity is Björn Blomgren of the Nybro, Sweden, based service company Hammarstedts.

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The Right Tools for HVAC/R


Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM)


Point And Shoot


Full Featured

Image Modes
Thermal Only
Thermal & Visible  
MSX® Image Enhancement  
Measurement Modes
Center Spot
Isotherm box (max/min)    
Selectable Color Palettes
Iron, Rainbow, Gray
Battery Power
External Charging Station    
Interchangeable Batteries    
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Become an HVAC Infrared Expert with ITC Training

Learn everything you need to know about using thermal cameras for HVAC/R repairs with the Infrared Training Center. The ITC offers in-person training courses, as well online webinars that cover key concepts and show you how to quickly find leaks, installation errors, system failures, and more.

ITC is the world leader in IR thermography training, offering hands-on instruction and extensive application and software labs. ITC training courses will increase your credibility, enhance your career, and help you build your business.

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Complete Your Tool Bag


Imaging Moisture Meter

With Infrared Guided Measurement technology powered by Lepton® thermal imaging sensor.

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FLIR Flexible Clamp Meters

Flexible Clamp Meter

Made with a narrow flexible coil clamp they can easily take measurements in tight or awkward spots.

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FLIR TG54 & TG56

FLIR TG54 & TG56
Spot IR Thermometers

Pocket-sized devices for non-contact temperature measurement in hard-to-reach spots.

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Voltage Detector

Non-contact detector with vibration feedback, high/low sensitivity, plus high performance flashlight.

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